Our furniture has no boundaries or limits. We can handle even the craziest and most complicated projects with atypical and custom-made furniture of the highest quality. Whether your needs involve wood, glass, stone, stainless steel, or brass… no problem, we do it all with passion and commitment to our craft.

We design and manufacture custom-made atypical furniture and cabinetry for various public and private spaces. Our track record includes kitchens, living rooms, hotel furnishings, modern boutiques, and more. We offer wardrobes, tables, chairs, beds, reception desks, shelves, paneling, and railings. We also specialize in the production and professional installation of acoustic linings for more expansive or smaller spaces. Expert and highly experienced installation is also part of our offer. If you want specific examples of our work, please see our reference tab.

Furniture from the STET company is particularly characterized by high-quality workmanship down to the finest detail. Combined with a timeless design that is in harmony with the space and creates an unforgettable impression.
STET: 100% reliability and quality in every way. Work with professionals who always strive for the exceptional.


We make all furniture with passion and attention to detail. We strive for our work to bring joy and for you to be surrounded by beauty thanks to our work.


Our furniture is stylish and original. We use the latest technology, which we combine with first-class craftsmanship and skills. Thanks to this, we are able to produce furniture of the highest quality tuned to the smallest details.